Our dream is to share with as many people as possible our visionof wellness as a whole:
'Live Now - Stay Good - Move Better.'

LIVE NOW means live in the present, with both mind and body; leave behind worries of the past and anxiety about the future, so we can live “here and now”.
The best way to start this journey is practising Yoga, and our studio/centre is the right place.

STAY GOOD is learning how to nourish the body and the soul too. Choosing the right ingredients is crucial for your own good: at our studio/centre you will taste what we select every week, so that your break is unique.

MOVE BETTER means getting the most out of your own body, the greatest training machine ever invented. To do that, aim for quality: during our training classes every single exercise is progressive and realised in details, so that you can obtain constant improvements and minimise the risk of injury.


Diego D.

Diego could pass on his passion for movement even to stones. He trains a lot, more than when he was a professional athlete; if someone points it out, he replies: “ you can only teach what you are”.
For the past three years he has been responsible for trainers education in Italy for Virgin Active. Besides physical exercise, he strongly believes in the power of books, electric guitar and a good dinner with friends.

Elena B.

Elena is a revolutionary. She owns those energy and strength, proper of those people able to start their life from zero at any time.
She a patient and meticulous teacher, she gives it all in each class and she is a great motivator. She loves dance, any kind of animal and also walking bare-foot where there are no cars or wi-fi

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