The island

Menorca is a paradise with a unique atmosphere you can hardly describe with words.
Here life runs slower than in big cities, and it’s not hard to find places where the only sound is the sea. The island is the best destination for savage nature lovers, who look for hidden beaches away from the hustle and bustle, remote beaches you can only reach after a long walk or by boat.
With all these features, the island is simply perfect for sports enthusiasts: triathlon, climbing, sailing, trail and diving are some of the many ways to enjoy Menorca landscapes.

The city/town

Ciutadella de Menorca is located in the west of the island, an ideal location to reach some of the most enchanting beaches of the Mediterranean.
Its touristic harbour and historical centre are a must-see for tourists and its position is perfect to start the famous “Camí de Cavalls”.
This path is a 185 km trail that runs along the entire perimeter of Menorca and can be done by foot, mountain-bike or on horseback; only one stage of it is enough to enjoy and breath unspoiled nature.

The studio/centre

The rhythm of this land and its spirit are the perfect setting for our studio/centre, 2Move.
In a 240 sq.mt. (2583 sq.ft) area, you will find a Yoga room and a Personal Training room. The whole place has air-conditioning and indirect modular lighting.
Both inside and outside the entrance glass door, there is a relax area where you can listen to music, taste our products or simply sunbath.


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